There are so many things that we don't have the answers to.  At some level I believe that I can figure most things out.  But the reality is I don't have very many solid answers to most things. I struggle with several areas where I don't have the answers.  Here is a partial list of those things.

What do you do with...
  • ISIS
  • Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner and the transgender issues
  • Politics in America
  • Politics in churches
  • Heroin overdoses on the rise
  • Racial struggles in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc
  • Flooding, Earthquakes and other "natural disasters"
Obviously that is not an all-inclusive list.  But I do have one answer that will fit in every situation.  That answer is Jesus.  If you want to understand anything put it under the light of Jesus and it will clear up.  It will not be immediate, but it will clear up.  If we truly believe in Jesus then we will believe he is, "The way, they truth and the life."